"Crianza 2016"

Wine type: Red

Grape type: Tempranillo, the premier grape varietal of the Iberian peninsula

These grape used in this red wine is tempranillo. First they are de-stemmed and squeezed for subsequent maceration for six days with the must, thereby extracting the desired color and tannins to achieve a mid-range wine. Following de-vatting and light pressing fermenting continues in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 25°C. The fermentation process of this wine takes 22 days.

This Crianza has a deep ruby red color with a violet trim expressing its youth. The nose has the typical characteristics of this varietal, such as black fruits and spices. It is particularly noteworthy for its fruity character. On the palate the tannins are sweet and perfectly balanced with acidity that provides the freshness and friendliness of this wine.

12.5% VOL

"Verdejo 2017"

Type of wine: White

Type of grape: Verdejo

The Verdejo vintage has a greenish yellow color, with bright highlights. The nose is expressive and cheerful. The fruity notes (green and citrus fruits) stand out against a background of floral nuances, very discreet. The palate is light and elegant, with a balanced and acid finish, reminiscent of the olfactory phase. 


To obtain this Blanco, only the Verdejo grape must must be fermented in stainless steel tanks and at a temperature of 16º C, in order to obtain wines with great aroma and delicate flavors.

12.5% VOL

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